Monday 21st May 2018
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New data tool maps the Cambridge Phenomenon

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A new data tool that maps the growth of the Cambridge sub-region over time and reveals the extent of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ has been created. The Cambridge Cluster Map identifies and locates companies and research facilities active in a 20-mile radius of the centre of the city and shows three types of organisations: Cambridge-based companies, Cambridge-active companies, and non-corporate knowledge-intensive (KI) organisations.It has been launched by Cambridge Ahead in partnership with Barclays, working with the Centre for Business Research (CBR) at the University of Cambridge.

The data held on the 22,000 companies registered and based within the city includes the sector, principal trading address, turnover and employment record for the five years to April 2015. That held on those 900 companies trading but not based in the city includes their sector and postcode but not their employment or turnover.

Users of this free-to-access tool can view the data superimposed on a map of the city-region and can search down to street and postcode level. Data can also be filtered by sectors, and show trends in turnover and employees on a city or individual company level. The previous version of the Cluster Map covered just the Tech sector, but this one covers all the other economic sectors too.

Matthew Bullock, Master of St Edmund’s College and Chairman of the Cambridge Ahead Growth Project, said, “This is an exciting, new data tool for everybody interested in Cambridge’s growth and businesses. Using the most recent, accurate financial data and the unique methodology we have employed, we are able to provide an unparalleled insight into the growth in the city region, including the Knowledge-intensive sector and Scale-up companies.”

The new Cluster Map highlights a record of remarkable growth during 2014/15 with Cambridge companies enjoying a 7.7% increase in turnover – which now stands at £33 billion – and a 7.5% increase in employment.

Jane Paterson-Todd, CEO of Cambridge Ahead, said, “I would like to congratulate Matthew Bullock, his Growth team, and Dr Andy Cosh of the CBR, for the hard work they have put in over the past few months to make the Cluster Map a reality. It is a marvellous asset for Cambridge and shows our commitment to providing insight that supports our growth agenda. This map brings it to life the size and importance of the Cambridge Region. I would also like to thank our partner, Barclays, for its support of, and interest in, High Growth businesses.”

Jane Galvin, managing director, Eastern Region, Corporate Banking at Barclays, said, “Our partnership with Cambridge Ahead on the Cambridge Cluster Map ensures that Barclays is positioned to support high growth businesses in Cambridge. We recently opened our first Barclays Eagle Lab Incubator in the city that will give entrepreneurs the space and opportunities to become part of the Cambridge Phenomenon.”

The Cluster Map can be accessed via the website Academic researchers will be able to gain access to the underlying data on request via a dedicated page on the Cambridge Ahead website.